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Message: General - Subject: Ball jar with 13 on bottom
User: Oscar - Email: oscarmurray@comcast,net
Date: 04 Apr 2009
Time: 18:03:25


I have looked for the number 13 jar for several years but this is first one I have ever seen. The jar is in excellent condition with metal lid on it. Where can I find out about the value of the jars?

Message: Question - Subject: 3 L jar in Aqua
Username: Christina - Email:
Date: 26 Mar 2009
Time: 19:44:16


I have a Quart 3L jar in Aqua. Good condition, no chips or cracks - there are bubbles though. It is in such great condition I could can in it today (which I actually considered doing). There is even tape on the side from the last time is was used for canning. I have a nice collection of Aqua and Blue Ball Quart jars - only 1 3L though that is the one you said you were looking for. I also have a clear Perfection (written in a arch) jar with the original metal clasp and glass top. All it says is Perfection though, not Ball or any thing else. I did not want to remove the clasp as I was afraid it would break) I have no clue about that one, I only bought it because it looked very nice (no cracks or chips on any of it, just bubbles) and I paid $2 for it! There are no numbers or any other marking on these jars, just a small round circle on the bottom. Thanks

Message: Question - Subject: smaller jar
Username: Caroline - Email:
Date: 26 Mar 2009
Time: 10:34:52


w/#230-6 on bottom-then ball logo- thenA7 under t he logo- jar is clear-bottom is almost an octagon shape-no lid so what type of jar is this-? dated? valuable?

Message: General - Subject: Just a comment........
Name: Robert Volz - Email:
Date: 24 Mar 2009
Time: 17:05:16

I have been collecting Jars for a number of years now, and I am very happy to see your site. I too look for unusual jars and treasure the really strange or extra crude moldings. I have been trying to get a nice quart olive green "swirl" ball from a friend for years now, but she won't sell it (but I will keep trying).

Message: General - Subject: Ball Bottles
Name: Jana Mitchell - Email: eemitchell254
Date: 20 Mar 2009 - Time: 12:59:37


Hello - I am just starting into the bottle collecting and really just started with the bottom of jars and bottles, so far.  I have come across some Ball bottoms and a bottle that I would really like some information on.  Being from Okmulgee, OK,, I would love to know if this particular bottoms are from that plant. 1st bottle bottom - amber, looks like maybe a beer bottle, The Ball script is at the top with the number 55 beside it. In the center is some sort of trademark that looks like a shield of sorts.  In the center of this mark is the pontil scar.  There is nothing else in the center of the trademark.  On the left side is A2 of the trademark and below the center is LD-526-12. 2nd bottom - clear glass - canning jar(?) thin glass,  the number are faint - 165-22 on top, 5 on the left side and I can figure out if it is a scratch or a design of a vine in the center and the Ball script on the bottom.  3rd - it is a bottle and fairly good shape, has chipped off pieces on the lip.  It is not a screw top lip. It looks like it could have been a ketchup bottle,  On the bottom is 350-12, Ball scrip in center with the letters H on the left and D on the right, under that 13A.    Like I said earlier I am just getting into this am really more interested in the history of the bottle, where it came from, what it contained and how old, not the value of it.  If you could give me some information or point me in the direct way, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much for you time.

Joe Coulson
Date: 17 Mar 2009
Time: 11:57:34


Hi Bruce, Keep up the good work. The more info we put into the public domain on ball jars, the better!

Regards, Joe Coulson Mon 3/16/2009 11:41 AM




Brenda [] Thu 3/12/2009 7:04 PM


Enjoyed your web site.  I am trying to learn about jars.  I have been given over 60 aqua blue ball jars.  I have notice all kinds of neat things about them.  Thanks Brenda

Peter Best [] Wed 3/11/2009 9:16 AM

This week someone brought me a specimen preserved in a Ball jar which is clearly not of “recent” origin. I would like to be able to date the jar to give me some indication of the possible age of the specimen (I know there are all sorts of complications here, as the jar could be much older than the specimen, or it could have been re-bottled in a more recent jar, but in the absence of any other info it is the best I can do!).

The jar is a Ball Special, about 10 ins tall and 4˝ ins diameter, with a solid metal lid carrying the Ball logo and with a glass (ceramic?) inlaid disc. The sides of the jar are vertically ribbed, and the words “Made in the U.S.A.” appear at the foot of the jar below the “Ball Special” logo. The bottom of the jar has concentric ringed ribbing, with a small Ball logo and possibly the numeral “1” incorporated.

From your website I gather these Special jars were manufactured for export, and that would make perfect sense for a jar that originates from South Africa!

Can you give me any idea of the date (s) of production of jars of this type? We had to destroy much of the lid so that I could get to top up the preservative, which was a bit of a pity.

Your website is clearly a labor of love, and really informative. Thank you.

Peter Best

MRI Whale Unit, C/o South African Museum, P.O. Box 61, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa.

James V & Cynthia L Gillies [] Mon 3/9/2009 10:11 AM


I was recently cleaning out my basement (abt 1860's house) and found this Ball jar that has no lid but on the bottom is stamped vertical line "8" vertical line "35" then toward the center looks like a little "c" with an "A".  Then further down is "Ball".  I'm looking to sell this if you're interested.  The glass has embossed rough dots at the bottom and top.  The opening is about 2-1//4" in diameter and is shorter and fatter than the usual canning jar.  There appears to have been a label on it.  Currently there is a homemade label with older type "Rotten Stone" on it very aged brittle paper.

Please advise. Thanks much.

James V. Gillies

Gaylon Allen [] Thu 2/26/2009 11:55 PM

we are looking for a dozen blue jars to use at our daughters wedding reception

Kenneth Busse [] Tue 2/24/2009 1:39 PM

Hi:  checking to see if you have any more irradiated ball jars, and how much you would sell for?  ken

Happe, Don [] Sat 2/21/2009 10:54 AM

It appears that I have a couple blue Ball jars without the underline on the name Ball  They have a # 5  and  9 on the bottom.

 Are you interested? 


D.J. Bratsch []  Fri 2/20/2009 10:29 PM

Interesting wed-site.  Thanks.  Do you have any idea how to find the screw on plastic lids?  Dj

von robertson [] Fri 2/20/2009 11:31 AM


My name is Lisa Robertson. I live in NC.

My uncle passed away in Dec. These 2 old ball jars were his.

The taller one is embossed with a #6 or 9 on the bottom the other has a #10.

How do I determine the value of these jars?

Thank you for your time.


George Underwood [] Mon 2/16/2009 1:07 PM

I recently found 2 qt. amber Mason Jar. It has #B7 on bottom. On front it has the following:

Masons Patent 1858

It also has a large letter S over Masons. Do you know anything concerning this bottle? Would appreciate any help.


George Underwood

marilyn crandall [] Mon 2/16/2009 10:55 AM

Do you have a source for just the lids. Looking for a pint size glass lid.

You have a really good web site.


Jayne Lips [] Fri 2/13/2009 3:21 PM


I was hoping you may have a suggestion where I may be able to find new or affordable quart and pint size ideal ball jars? I need around 20 to 25 of each.

thanks - jayne

Robin Scharp [] Wed 2/4/2009 8:25 PM

I found a Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 in the basement. While searching info on it, I found a report of reproductions on this style. Although I do not believe it is a repo, I wanted a more experienced opinion. Attached are photos showing the body and bottom. Sorry the top would not load. The top is sanded. The body contains varying sizes of bubbles, in fact, on the bottom of the backside it almost feels textured. The seam runs all the way onto the bottom. My understanding was that the repos all have 227 on the bottom while this has 803. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Robin Scharp

Betty Taylor [] Sun 2/1/2009 2:49 PM

I am looking for a 1 quart blue green jar with no markings whatsoever. I like to use the plain ones on the Universal coffee grinders. If I use a jar with writing--the words are upside down. Do you have such a jar in your inventory? Thanks

Kathryn Blacker [] Fri 1/30/2009 2:32 PM


I am looking to find 150 Ball Blue 5 oz jars. Is that possible? Are they still made or are all the blue ones vintage?

Any advice would be very helpful.


Kat Wed 1/28/2009 11:08 PM


I wanted to get your opinion on this Ball jar.  I believe it to be a rare jar made at Crowleytown around 1890..  I have attached some pictures for your review.  As you can see...the color is green...some portions of glass have various bubbles and the mouth is ground. The jar was blown molded and the jar is in great condition.  I collect more bottles than jars...however...I do have a fairly nice jar collection...but this jar has been a tough one to place a value on it...Also let me know if you have any connection to get a Crowleytown lid to fit it...Thanks for the help.


Moriarty, John [] Mon 1/19/2009 7:40 PM


 Very nice web site . I am a Ball Corporation employee and have gathered an interest in the jars myself. I have noticed you are missing the second logo produced in buffalo and actually the first glass jar logo. Do you have any knowledge of these ,I was wondering what they would be worth ,I also have a hand blown quart bottle

 Any ideas,

  Thanks john , my e-mail is

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