Adamstown 2002



I was so busy taking my time looking for bargains and attempting to spot good jars as well as talking to old friends and acquaintances that I only took a limited number of pictures. Still, the limited pictures at least gives somewhat of the feel of Adamstown and what I experienced there. I also only had a limited amount of time to take a few pictures of the many jars I took home with me.

Shupp's Grove

Walking through the entrance of Shupp's Grove at 6:20 a.m. in anticipation of finding jars! It was already hot and humid...


Just one of the many aisles of dealers tables to browse at the show.


Another aisle of bottle dealers from the Adamstown show.

Jars 4 Sale!

A super nice dealer from southern PA. I bought two very good Ball midgets from him at the show.

58 Improved closure Midget!

Extremely nice deeper aqua 58 (only) midget with reversed N's and slugplate on the back of the jar. Experienced collectors know this was a former BBGMCo. midget.

58 Improved closure Midget!

Just a top view of the previous jar... I happened to have a dinged but original aqua BALL BROS BUFFALO, NY lid.

1858 Improved closure Midget!

Beautiful ball blue improved closure style midget with an outstanding original milkglass BALL BROS. BUFFALO, NY lid.

1858 Improved closure Midget!

A top view of the previous jar so you can see the milkglass lid.

Jersey Dudes!

Bob Tompkins of Vineland south Jersey & Charles Dascenzo of Highland Park north Jersey. I know these guys from way way back...

Old Timer!

Mr. Bill Dudley himself still collecting and selling jars.

Nice Display!

What a wonderful diplay of nice old aqua jars, great colored 1858's and product jars!

Outstanding Half Gallons!

Sue Ferriola holding the fort behind her husband Joe's great jars... I came back to this table probably 5 or 6 times to admire the half gallon improved closure 1858 to the far right. I wish it was within my budget. Oh well, possibly one day.

Kerr Bells are ringing!

What a nice complete set of Kerr Bicentennial Bell jar set. This fellow had all kinds of bi-centennial Ball jars, special product runs and cans too.

Midgets Galore!

June Lowry at her sales table of many "duplicate?" Midgets and pints for sale. I bought a beautiful green 58 (only) midget from her. How many dupes does she have anyway?!

Outstanding green 58 Midget!

I just had to have this screw cap 58 (only) beautiful green colored midget from June of course...

Jar Doctor!

Wayne Lowry just before setting up his cleaning machines.

Holy Ball Jar!

Fr. Pat with friend having a good time. A long time serious Ball Jar Collector and important part of "The Fruit Jar News." He has some of the rarest Ball jars known to exist in the world in his personal collection including such notable jars as amber BBGMCo half gallon, clear debossed Ball PERFECT MASON quart, nterupted thread aqua quart 3L Balll jar with original tin plated lid andmany others too numerous to mention here.

Rare quart Jar!

One of the many rare old jars to be had at the show.

Small but good!

Just one of the many smaller dealers around the grove who was selling some fairly good jars.

Outstanding Colors!

I think the picture says it all and I stopped everything I was doing just to have something permenant for posterity sake. :)

Southern Jar Buyer!

Jar collector Bob Dillion of Dublin, Va who I befriended and chatted with for an extended period of time. I liked his t-shirt very much.

Rare Ball Jar!

Rare true aqua pint abga MASON PERFECT made on a Miller machine. I have never seen another abga made on anything other then an Owens machine. One of the few good jars I didn't take home and will most likely regret down the road.

Rare Historic Jar!

Beautiful citron product jar with original tin lid from Brooklyn, NY dating circa 1860's.

Florida Jar Man!

Jon Vander Schouw of Bradenton, FL in front of his sales table of very nice jars. I would have bought from him if he had a ball jar I was looking for.

Old Jar Man!

Randy Hoffman of FL who had some really nice stuff. I purchased two quite difficult to find Ball jars from him.

THE Ball!

Extremely tough to find THE Ball (ghosted) PATAPLDFOR aqua shoulder seal quart I acquired from Randy. I didn't even know what I was looking at when I first took a glance. A very unassuming jar to say the least.

Mr. Atlas!

Russ Crupe of York, PA who in my opinion is the most knowledgeable person concerning Atlas Jars. He also most likely has the best Atlas collection in the world.

Mr. ex-Sure Seal!

My old jar buddy Rick Lease of Reisterstown, MD in front of many of his incredible Ball jars he had for sale. I was salivating just looking and touching all those Ball jars and only wish I could have had them all. Rick at one time was known as Mr. Sure Seal because he had the best overall collection of them in the world. He still has an incredible collection of Ball jars I envy very much.

Ideally mine!

Two very nice differing shades of green 20 series IDEAL's I walked home with. The one on the right came from Rick. Now all I need is a lid for the jar on the left. :)


Extremely nice BBGMCo aqua quart jar in slugplate from Ric too. I was lucky that I happened to have a good BALL BROS BUFFALO, NY lid to go with this jar.

Ball N 1858!

Another extremely nice jar from Rick. An aqua Ball MASON'S N PATENT NOV. 30TH 1858 with very good embossing.This is a tough jar to find and even tougher with good embossing as this jar shows.

Holy Sperm Jar!

Yours Truly, Bruce Wayne holding the most incredible colored "Sperm" jar from the sales table of Rick Lease. One jar I wish I had been able to buy... The term "sperm" jar was coined by a collector many years ago concerning a 3L Balll jar in which the 3rd L loop is clearly disconnected from the rest of the embossing giving the appearance of its namesake.



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